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Sheffield IJS Novice Ladies FP

September 11, 2013

Day 2 of the Sheffield IJS brought the 24 qualifying Novice Ladies straight back for the FP part of their Competition…………………

………………………with some amazing claw backs from several of the skaters in the first 2 groups.  Opening up proceedings very nicely was Genevieve Somerville representing Birmingham, lying in 23rd place after the SP.  Skating a lovely program, that made great use of her super flexibility with some beautiful spirals and an awesome Biellmann spin, Genevieve produced a good all round performance with solid jumping and strong spinning.  She finished the FP in 13th place with a score of 35.83, which was a whole 10 places better than her SP finish, and the Competition in 17th place with a total score of 55.73.


Eleanor Hayes Photo David Paterson

Also in this opening group was 11-year-old Eleanor Hayes representing Sheffield, just making it into the FP part of this Competition after finishing the SP in 24th place.  This super performance from her, containing solid jumps, fabulous spinning and step work, and very nice choreography, all added up to a score of 37.10 and a 9th place finish in the FP for Eleanor – a massive 15 place improvement on her SP finish.  Overall Eleanor placed 15th with a total score of 56.98.  Speaking to her afterwards she said that her PB in the FP today was her favourite skating moment so far.

First out in the second group of skaters was Sylvhanna Horne representing Kyle, who was lying in 16th place after the SP.  Opening and closing her program with 2 very good combination spins, and with solid jumping and interesting choreography in between, Sylvhanna in a lovely lime green dress skated her way into 5th place in the FP with a score of 38.53, an improvement of 11 places on her SP finish, and 9th place overall with a total score of 59.63.

Following Sylvhanna was Shannon Carrick also representing Kyle and lying in 13th place after the SP.  Skating to music from the Adams Family, and wearing a lovely dress that I really wouldn’t mind borrowing for a night out, Shannon opened with an excellent flying combination spin featuring some lovely positions.  Combine this with solid jumping and nice choreography and you have a 7th place finish for Shannon in both the FP and the Competition, with a score of 38.11 in the FP and 59.94 overall, an improvement of 6 places on her SP finish.

Fourth out in this group was Lucy Merrilees representing Magnum, lying in 14th place after the SP.  Solid jumping that included 3 very nice double flips, and competent spinning that included a good sit position, gave Lucy a score of 37.15 and 8th place in the FP.  Just like Shannon before her this was an improvement of 6 places on her SP finish, but unfortunately still left her in only 12th place overall with a total score of 58.82.

And the last skater to go in this group was Charlie Anderson, representing Murrayfield and lying in 18th place after the SP, who managed to pull something quite special out of the bag and shake things up a bit at the top.  This inspired performance from her, marred only by an under rotated double axel, was full of expression.  An excellent double flip to open, performed with good speed, was followed by a lovely double lutz.  Double loop double loop and double flip double toe combinations and a double loop to finish completed her jumps.  Her spins were all well centred, and in great positions, and her steps were well executed too.  A score of 42.45 placed Charlie 3rd in the FP, 15 places higher than her SP finish, and 4th overall with a total score of 63.30.

Opening up the third group of skaters was Isabel Yeatman representing Sheffield who had finished the SP in 11th position.  Wearing a very nice pale green dress Isabel opened with a back teapot into an axel double toe combination.  Skating a solid program containing lovely big jumps – 2 double loops, 2 double flips and a double salchow double toe combination, and nice positions in her spins, Isabel scored 38.26 placing her 6th in the FP and 5th overall with a total score of 60.77.

And fourth out in this group was Lily Payne representing Hull.  Skating with good speed across the ice the highlights of her program all came at the start – solid double flip and double lutz jumps, both performed very close to the barrier, and a lovely combination spin.  Lily finished the FP in 10th place, the same placing as she achieved in the SP, with a score of 36.94 and in 8th place overall with a total score of 59.88.

And so to the final group.  Unfortunately, in an unprecedented turn of events, 3 of the young ladies in this group unexpectedly seemed to crash and burn in the FP…….but they will no doubt all shortly be back to their usual winning selves to fight another day 🙂 .

photo (1)

Harriet Beatson Photo by Graham Taylor

The second skater out was Harriet Beatson representing Sheffield.  Skating to music from The Artist Harriet kept the energy going throughout her entire program.  Moving with good speed across the ice her opening axel was easy.  A double flip, 2 double loops (the second of which was almost flying) and double flip double toe and double loop double toe combinations, nice steps and excellent spinning – fast, on the spot and in good positions – completed her elements.  Scoring 41.81 Harriet finished the FP in the 4th place, but in 3rd place overall with a total score of 65.11.  Harriet said afterwards ‘I felt I skated really well for this time of the season.’

And so it was down to the final 2 skaters, the penultimate skater being Anna Litvinenko representing Guildford lying in 2nd place after the SP.  Wearing a soft white dress Anna opened with a double flip followed by a solid double axel.  This was indeed an impressive performance from her.  Really fabulous spins performed right on the spot and in excellent positions complimented Anna’s full array of flawless jumps – double lutz, another double flip and 2 double loop double loop combinations.  She scored 45.75 giving her 1st place in the FP and 1st place overall with a total score of 70.38

And quite literally hot on Anna’s heels was the final skater Kloe Rozgonyl representing Nottingham, lying in 3rd place after the SP but tied on the same score as Anna.  Opening with a cracking double lutz double loop combination Kloe pulled out all the stops with some fabulous jumping – a double flip, 2 double loops and a double flip double loop combination, all of the highest calibre, along with good steps and well centred spins demonstrating excellent positions.  Sadly a fall for Kloe on her double axel, following her opening combination, is probably what left her finishing in 2nd place in both the FP with a score of 45.60 and overall with a total score of 70.23.

Top 10 results of the FP:

1st: Anna Litvinenko Guildford 45.75

2nd: Kloe Rozgonyl Nottingham 45.60

3rd: Charlie Anderson Murrayfield 42.45

4th: Harriet Beatson Sheffield 41.81

5th: Sylvhanna Horne Kyle 38.53

6th: Isabel Yeatman Sheffield 38.26

7th: Shannon Carrick Kyle 38.11

8th: Lucy Merrilees Magnum 37.15

9th: Eleanor Hayes Sheffield 37.10

10th: Lily Payne Hull 36.94

The top 10 overall results:

1st: Anna Litvinenko Guildford 70.38

2nd: Kloe Rozgonyl Nottingham 70.23

3rd: Harriet Beatson Sheffield 65.11

4th: Charlie Anderson Murrayfield 63.30

5th: Isabel Yeatman Sheffield 60.77

6th: Morgan Swales Sheffield 60.51

7th: Shannon Carrick Kyle 59.94

8th: Lily Payne Hull 59.88

9th: Sylvhanna Horne Kyle 59.63

10th: Malika Sharshenbaeva Coventry 59.43

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